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Galvanic Isolators

Galvanic Isolators

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Index Marine IM2160 Galvanic Isolator (32 Amps)

Index Marine IM2160 Galvanic Isolator (32 Amps), This Index Marine galvanic isolation blocker eliminates the potential difference between boats and the shore, preventing galvanic action caused by the different metals used. The IM2160A32 galvanic isolator electrolysis blocker is rated for a maximum current of 32 amps. Unit Classification 32A Shore Inlet Compatibility Single: 30, 32A Dual: 15, 16, 30, 32A 120/240Va..

224.58€ Ex Tax: 182.59€

Victron VDI-16 Galvanic Isolator (16 Amps)

Victron VDI-16 Galvanic Isolator (16 Amps), The Victron VDI-16 galvanic isolator consists of two internal diodes that are connected in anti-parallel fashion. When diodes are connected as such they allow current in both directions, but only above a threshold voltage of about 1.4 Vdc. The isolator is installed directly behind your boat's 230V connection. The forward voltage from the galvanic isolator is higher than the pot..

232.07€ Ex Tax: 188.67€